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The Sperling & Kupfer Titles To Give For This Christmas 2020

A book is the most iconic Christmas gift and will never go out of style. A novel means travelling with the imagination, falling in love with the characters and their stories, estranging for a moment from a reality, the current one, made up of days that are all the same. But how difficult can it be to give a book as a gift? Personal more than any gift, the choice of a book can tell us a lot about a person, which is why to select the perfect one to give as a gift, you must first rely on your favourite genre, and then choose either a timeless classic or a new release that you are sure will bring out. a smile on the face of those who receive it. In collaboration with Sperling & Kupfer we have decided to select for you some titles from different genres to guide you in choosing the perfect book to give as a gift.

Are you ready to discover them?

Novel, between fiction and reality

Taylor Jenkins Reid, Daisy Jones & the Six

Soon the subject of the new Amazon Studios series produced by Reese Witherspoon, Daisy Jones & the Six tells the story of the eponymous rock group turned legend. Their concerts have filled stadiums around the world, their songs have inflamed the nights of an entire generation. Their myth is the tale of a dazzling rise, from the first performances in underground clubs to global success. It is the very embodiment of an era in which sex, drugs and rock’n’roll seemed inseparable. The narration reveals the events after 12 July 1979, when, after a memorable concert, the group broke up forever. No one has ever known why … Until today. Musicians and managers, friends and lovers, wives and groupies: they have all been witnesses, and now, forty years later, they are finally ready to tell the truth, even if everyone has their own version of events. An exciting intertwining of dreams and life, love and music.

Romantic tales

Dario Matassa, Non ti ho chiamato amore ma ti ho pensato tale

Not all love stories are meant to last. The day of disruptions, collisions, crises arrives. Small cracks like those that form inside you when you hear yourself say: “We need to talk.” When you hope that the message sent will finally receive an answer, that the discussions end with the same trepidation with which you wait for the highway exit when you go to the sea. Those last moments get stuck in a dedication in felt-tip pen on the window of a bus, in the label of a bottle drunk to say goodbye once and for all. And that present that we have loved so much becomes a past that is unlikely to return. Dario Matassa, a web phenomenon, tells 25 stories of daily life about young people and about love.

A bit novel and a bit poetry

Mattia Ollerongis, Sempre con te

The future is frightening, but if there are dangers that can be avoided, others must be faced. Being able to do so depends entirely on us. Sempre Con Te tells the story, between prose and poetry, of Kamilla. Kamilla is only seven years old when a crowd of children still unknown, but ready to judge her, becomes the insurmountable obstacle to overcome. For the first time, alone. Growing up does not help those who, like her, keep a mirror version of themselves, tremendously more fragile. That girl dressed in flowers, who would like to be a rose to protect herself with thorns, in the mirror she sees only flaws and she hates herself for being so different from what she would like. But Kamilla grits her teeth and finds the strength to change everything. Her story is that of an entire generation that faces fears that seemed insurmountable.


Linda Holmes, Non c’è niente di male a essere felici

If you were given a second chance, would you have the courage to grab it? New York Times Bestseller, There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Happy, tells the story of Evvie Drake who on an ordinary day in her life in a coastal Maine town decides to pack her bags and leave her “perfect” husband for start a new life. Suddenly a phone call from the hospital upsets her plans, Evvie will start a new life, yes, but as a widow because her husband Tim died in a car accident. Torn by guilt, and not by pain as everyone imagines, the woman barricades herself in the house for a year. Even her best friend, Andy, believes that the weight of her loss is the cause of that isolation and tries to help her. The answer is Dean Tenney, his childhood acquaintance from the days of boy scouts and a great baseball star, now in a deep crisis. Although he has tried all kinds of treatments, Dean is no longer able to launch and, since the situation in New York has become unbearable with journalists and onlookers on his heels, he decides to seize Andy’s offer. When Dean moves into the apartment at the back of Evvie’s house, the two make an agreement: never talk about each other’s problems. But the rules, you know, are made to be broken and sometimes, in an unexpected way, a friendship can become something special. Will Evvie have the courage to leave the past behind her?


Dean Nicholson, In viaggio con Nala 

In Viaggio Con Nala tells the true story of the phenomenon @1bike1world. A true story that speaks of the thirty year old Dean Nicholson who one day decides to turn his life upside down, leaving everything behind and going to discover the world by bicycle. After three months, the journey undertaken could not however be defined as epic: too many setbacks, too many false starts. Until one day, in the mountains of Bosnia, he came across an abandoned kitten. Something in those penetrating green eyes and in that insistent meow convinced him that he could not leave her there, to face hunger, the impending snow and the risks of the road, and so he decided to take her with him, hiding her in one of the bike bags to cross the border. But Nala – this is the name she chose for her – had no intention of missing the spectacle of the world: soon she came out of that refuge and climbed onto his shoulder. And this is how Dean and Nala began traveling together: inseparable, united by the same curious, independent and tenacious character and the same love for adventure.

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