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Music is a universal language and, as an art form, has the power to unite people of all generations. A characteristic that it has in common with Disney titles that have always made us dream, creating new memories and shared emotions. Music is not just accompaniment but a fundamental element of the Disney magic, in the parks but especially in every animated film with those characters we love so much and that have become iconic.

To celebrate the power of the stories and characters that have entered our hearts, is there a better way than a beautiful musical that brings them all together? No, there isn’t and if you’re at Disneyland Paris there is, among the many must-see activities, a brand new production: it’s TOGETHER. Disneyland Paris will pay tribute each day to some of the best-loved Pixar characters on the stage of the Studio Theater located in the Walt Disney Studio Park accompanied by a live orchestra. Guests will thus embark on an incredible and poetic journey through the worlds of Toy Story, Coco, Up, Monsters Co and Finding Nemo.

Over the past few days, actresses Valentina Romani and Natalie Portman, digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni, French actor Omar Sy and many other international stars have had the opportunity to experience this new Pixar gem in antemprima. “TOGETHER a Pixar Musical Adventure” is driven by an artistic direction that combines traditional and cutting-edge technologies with creative lighting, multi-sensory effects and modern choreography, all accompanied by iconic music and original songs.

The wide range of shows on offer at Disneyland Paris – there is something for everyone – reinforces the Resort’s position as a leader in entertainment in Europe. This new show is a true testament to the talent of the artistic, production and technical teams of Disneyland Paris Cast Members, costume designers, puppeteers, dancers, musicians, decorators, lighting and special effects designers, engineers and many others. They also worked alongside Pixar Animation Studios and renowned outside talents such as Romain Rachline Borgeaud finalist of France’s Got Talent, tap dancer and founder of the RB Dance Company, Céline Cain Kitsaïs multidisciplinary choreographer and founder of the “Le Labo” dance project, and Anne Gravoin violinist by training and executive producer of AG Productions in charge of selecting the musicians for the ensemble.






If you can’t help yourself, and when you hear the songs of the Pixar classics (A Friend in Me from Toy Story, to name but one) and start whistling or tapping the tempo with your foot, this show will definitely win you over. During each performance, live musicians will pay tribute to the timeless beauty of Pixar’s most memorable soundtracks, also performing an original score The mix of a live musical orchestra and a soundtrack recorded with 54 musicians at Nashville Studios will take guests on a true emotional journey.

Arnaud Feredj and Matthieu Robin, directors at Disneyland Paris, have brought their bold artistic vision to the project to create a fully immersive show that is both astonishing and thrilling. TOGETHER a Pixar Musical Adventure was envisioned as a multi-sensory experience that would stimulate Guests’ senses through live music, visise technologies water effects scents and more blurring the thin line between reality and fantasy” From the life-size moving decorations, 6 2 metres high and 30 metres wide, to the 453 square metre LED screens stretching from floor to ceiling, this 650 square metre stage is the most immersive ever created at Disneyland Paris.

The show is full of poetry and creativity, both through the state-of-the-art lighting design with 200 spotlights that emphasise the movement and music, perfectly blending the surface and the performers on stage, and through the aerial view of the dancers that transforms them into a giant kaleidoscope.

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