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They made us dream, laugh, love and move and also get angry when their love stories reflected ours.

Among weddings, new families, friendships turned into love stories and eternity vows, many are the couples that deserve to be celebrated during this Valentine’s day. A day in which what deserves to be celebrated the most is Love, that kind of love that overcomes likes, photos, rumors…that kind of love that once the spotlight’s off,  warms up the hearts and souls of those, that just like us mere mortals, were expecting love only.

So which were the sweetest couples of this last year? Which the couple-goals? Find them out with us!



Everyone knows it, the Ferragnez’s wedding has been the most talked about and awaited of the year. People talked a lot about engagement, social networks and followers, but what made this wedding so special have been the love vows straight written, sentimentally recitated and with that broken voice that only the ones who love have. Not the rainbowy colors, not even the theme park or the flowers falls but the feelings of two young lovers that promised themselves eternal love in front of millions followers with that same spontaneity and cuteness that one would have among the walls of his house. Let’s give up with buzzes and rumors then, Chiara and Fedez, even though they do it in a totally social way, are the good example of a solid italian family kept together by nothing than love.



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A love story that recalls a little bit the plot of  “No Strings Attached” the one betweeen Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. Introduced to each others by their families when they were young, they didn’t loved each other at first sight. Year after, thanks a random meeting in Miami, the two never left anymore and after a month Hailey was sleeping with her fiancee ring on her finger. The legal marriage has been celebrated in September, next March they’ll be featured on Vogue’s cover and everyone is expecting the official wedding. Stay tuned!



Also their love is a little bit movie inspired and their wedding has well, as soon as it made a lot of people talk and dream. As long as they announced their relationship a lot of rumors about their age gap came out, and then came the wedding in a perfect Bollywood style. Everyone has been touched and amazed by the triumph of different traditions, cultures and feelings that linked the two together. Defeating all barriers and limits, Priyanka and Nick taught us that, in the end, love speakes always the same language.



After ten years they’re one of the youngest and long-lived love stories. They met each other on the set of the Disney movie “The Last Song” alternating from that time moments of friendship, love and break ups without ever leaving each other for real. Today, after months from their marriage, they look super in love…let’s hope they won’t frighten their fans anymore with other rash acts.



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The couple made of Kardashian’s family members and american rappers is lately more than obvious. What is not given when we talk about Kylie and Travis, that’s also what made all their fan fall in love with their couple, is the intimacy and privacy with which they lived their relationship and pregnancy. Not exactly the same intimacy they gave to their baby’s, Stormi, first birthday. For the occasion the location of the party has been set down like the dad’s astroworld in a perfect and amazing Stormi inspired theme. But, in the end, what could we do… they’re Kardashians.

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