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Happy birthday Leonardo DiCaprio! 5 movies you must see

Happy birthday Leonardo DiCaprio! The actor who was everybody’s crush in the Nineties, Chiara Ferragni included, today turns 44 years old. Do you know how many movies are in his cv? We have the answer: 29. You probably don’t remember Critters 3, the 1991 movie in which he debuted, but you know for sure that he’s filming in these weeks Once upon a time in Hollywood, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

It’s not very easy for us to stay unbiased when Leonardo DiCaprio is the topic. We’re not going to say a word about all his Oscar nominees: now that he conquered the precious award for The Revenant, we’re pretty sure to see him win for the second time. ?

Sunday is the perfect day for a Leonardo DiCaprio marathin on the sofa, especially beacuse today is his birthday. Check the 5 movies we love, and that you should see.

Romeo & Juliet (You’ll fell in love)

Before Titanic, before Jack, there was Romeo. The Shakesperean gangster already broke many hearts in 1999. Above guns and multicolor shirts, we remember his skill to act in the original Shakespearean dialogues. And also the elevator kiss, of course.

Titanic (Cry me a river)

Did you know that Titanic went on screen for the first time exactly 20 years ago? I saw it a thousand times then, you have to watch it again and honor the most amazing friends in Hollywood: Leo and Kate Winslet!

Catch me if you can (Have fun!)

Romantic, action, thriller, historical… We’ve seen Leonardo play in many different movies, but it’s not easy to see him act in a comedy. With Catch me if you can, he transformed himself into one of the greatest impostors ever, and he made us laugh so much.

Shutter Island (You won’t get bored)

Maybe it’s not one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s blockbuster, but it’s certainly the most incredible role he has ever played in all the movies directed by Martin Scorsese.  A bit of a thriller, a bit of a horror movie, and the most unexpected ending ever.  After tears and laughs, it’s time for some tension!

The Wolf of Wall Street

For many Leo’s fans, he should have won an Oscar for that role. Extreme, exaggerated, unscrupulous: he turned himself into the broker Jordan Belfort, in a story that is so unreal nobody believed it was true. But it was!

Discover Leonardo DiCaprio in all our fave movies in our gallery and don’t miss our Instagram stories!

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