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Happy birthday Ryan Gosling! 5 movies we loved

Happy birthday Ryan Gosling! One of Hollywood’s rising star today turns 38 years old. What a better occasion to remember some of its best movies?

Ryan Gosling starred in 25 movies, that’s why it’s been a real challenge to choose our favorite ones. But we made it only for you! Here you are our top 5.

The Notebook – for the ultimate romantic

How many tears did we cry when we saw The Notebook? It’s one of the most romantic love stories never told, and we are still not over his breakup with Rachel McAdams, his co-star in the movie who he dated for almost three years. But most of all, with this movie we realized how hot was Young Hercules!

Crazy Stupid Love – remember those abs?

It’s quite unusual to see Ryan Gosling play in a comedy, but he always makes us laugh so much. Why do we remember this movie? It was actually the first time acted with Emma Stone, with whom he would  work in other two great movies! But most of all, we couldn’t help but wonder if those abs were real: the answer is yes!

The place beyond the pines – so many tears

Ryan made everybody cry so much in this movie, especially because he there wasn’t a happy ending for him. Did you know that he fell in love with Eva Mendes filming this movie? They’re probably one of the most discreet couples in Hollywood: someone probably still doesn’t know they have two beautiful daughters together, Esmeralda and Amada.

La La Land – dance, dance, dance!

If you didn’t remember the Mickey Mouse Club good old days, where he shared the stage with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, you must have been surprised to see how Ryan is a good singer and dancer. This contemporary musical is so touching, even without the happy ending we hoped for.

First man – don’t miss it

After the premiere at the latest Venice Film Festival, Ryan Gosling’s latest movie about Neil Amstrong’s life has just arrived in cinemas and everybody is already screaming for an Oscar. We’ll discover it only on January 22nd.


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