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A fashion icon, wife and mother, Louise Roe became famous thanks to the MTV show Plain Jane, and then she dedicated herself to writing by publishing numerous books such as ‘Front Roe: How to Be the Leading Lady in Your Own Life’.

Louise Roe talks about herself to The Blonde Salad, so be prepared to discover many secrets and curiosities!

TBS: In the course of your career you have always dedicated yourself to projects, such as Front Roe and Plain Jane, which have told different aspects of fashion. Thanks to them you have been able to explain to the world that dressing up is not just a matter of appearance but is a way to express our personality and feel better about ourselves. Has there been a particularly significant case which, for you, expresses the true value of fashion?

ROE: Every episode of Plain Jane was just an incredibly gratifying, emotional journey – not just for the young girl involved but for me and the team too! I will never forget one particular reveal in Morocco, when the ‘Jane’ saw herself in the mirror after her makeover, and our cameraman began to cry! It was always about self-esteem and confidence, much more than fashion and makeup.

TBS: You have experienced the different aspects of fashion communication: journalism, publishing, television and social media. In your opinion, which of these is the most effective today?

ROE: That’s a great question! Social media has the most immediate and impactful effect. But I actually really love reading and writing longer-form pieces, whether that’s a book or article in the newspaper. Perhaps it’s to balance out the speed and non-stop nature of Instagram. It feels nice to sit down and absorb something slowly.

TBS: Let’s talk about your relationship with Chiara: how did you meet? What are the aspects that bind you the most?

ROE: We met in LA at a party, many years ago! One of her team was a fan of Plain Jane, we got chatting, and have been friends ever since. What amazes me about Chiara is she doesn’t change. She can have fans chasing her down the street, or have just got off a 12 hour flight, and she’s still relaxed and sweet. That’s an incredible quality, one that will sustain her in such a crazy busy world!

TBS: As a fashion lover, which your favourite brands? Which ones do you wear regularly?

ROE: I love Reformation, Realisation Par for dresses, ReDone for jeans, Amanu for sandals, Anine Bing for leather jackets, and Blonde Salad for heels of course!

TBS: Is there a particular brand, designer or piece of clothing that inspired you to start working in fashion?

ROE: Actually, I started out in magazines (Vogue and Elle UK) just wanting to write. My love of fashion was already there, but once I saw the editors and how chic and awesome they were, I wondered if I could combine my love or writing articles with fashion. Luckily I could – and I did!

TBS: As a wife, mother and career woman, what advice would you give to today’s women who dream of having it all?

ROE: I think there’s a sigh of relief in knowing nobody has this down perfectly. It’s important to remember that, when you might feel like you’re failing. ‘Having it all’ is a bit of a myth – you can’t be perfect at everything, so doing your best, is truly the best. Follow your heart when it comes to motherhood, I really believe a mother’s instinct is always right. And always have a bottle of red wine nearby, Mummy deserves to relax at the end of a long day too!

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