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The Blonde Salad meets… Olivia Culpo

With more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram, Olivia Culpo is one of the hottest model and influencer from USA. Her road to fame was quite different from the path of other celebrities that walk down the runways or star in photoshoots and social networks. Band camps and pageants were some of the steps she made to get where she is now, as she said to The Blonde Salad in this interview. Don’t miss it!

Actress, model, influencer… you’re so many things, Olivia! Is there a word that you prefer to use to define yourself?

I don’t think there’s one word to describe anyone so I love being able to do it all! I own a restaurant, I’m an actress, I love fashion and have a clothing line coming out, and I love being creative on Instagram. So I don’t think there’s just one word to define anyone.

When you were a child, which was your dream job? Is it close to what you’re doing right now?

When I was a kid I always wanted to be in the entertainment industry. When I was in college, I looked at Giuliana Rancic and what she did with her career and remember being inspired by it. I also looked up to actresses like Halle Berry and Blake Lively. I always dreamed of doing Sports Illustrated and I just shot my second magazine cover with them. I feel pretty lucky and hope that it never stops!

In 2012 you won Miss USA and Miss Universe. Can you tell us what you remember about this experience?

More than anything I remember the moment that I decided to enter Miss USA. I had never entered a pageant before, but realized that a lot of women who had careers that I looked up to were in pageants. My parents didn’t really understand why I wanted to enter and weren’t the most supportive. I rented a dress for $20 that had a hole in the back! I think it went really well though because I had nothing to lose. There were so many amazing moments throughout the process and I got to meet so many women from around the world. It was at times exhausting, but mostly exciting and eye-opening.

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I spy #marledxoliviaculpo in the back 👀

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Beauty pageants are a traditional, old-fashioned (and quite romantic as well!) opportunity to enter in the showbiz. Would you repeat this experience again? Would you suggest it to a young girl that wants to become a model or an actress like you?

I think that everyone has their own unique path to take but I appreciate the experience I had with the Miss Universe Pageant. I learned a lot about stage presence and self-confidence.

You’re very popular on Instagram, for the amazing outfits and the beautiful places you post every day. How this social network changed the way you work?

Instagram is an amazing platform, I feel like I have my own magazine and I get to curate images every day. And I love editing…I actually find it relaxing! It’s a really great way of self-expression and I’m happy it exists.

Do you remember the time you opened your Instagram account?

OMG, I don’t even remember the exact date but I think it was during the Miss Universe pageant.

Three words to describe yourself.

This question is always a tough one! I think you would be better off asking my friends and family and seeing what they have to say! I try to be kind, thoughtful and honest.

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Your followers know you’re a great cello player. Can you tell us something about your passion for music, that you share with your family?

I grew up playing music and it’s something my whole family does when we’re together so it’s very meaningul and has become a tradition. I do remember going to band camp when I was in high school. It was an amazing experience but not always the best place to be during the summer!

2018 has been an amazing year for you. Can you tell us 3 events your’re going to remember for the rest of your life?

Sports Illustrated week in Australia was by far the best week ever. Launching a collection with Revolve and selling out within 48 hours was amazing. Also, my nephew Remi being born, he’s so cute I just love him!

Can you tell us some spoilers about your 2019?

I am NOT going to jump out of an airplane for 2019 but anything else is possible.

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Au revoir France!

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Chiara Ferragni this summer endorsed you on Instagram saying you’re one of the girls she loves to follow on Instagram and to be inspired by. What do you think about her?

I have been following Chiara since I joined Instagram and have always looked up to her as a huge fashion inspiration and strong female entrepreneur and amazing style icon. I think she’s awesome! In this industry, I’ve seen more women supporting women than anything else and It’s truly inspiring.

Chiara is a huge supporter of female empowerment and she truly believes in the power of supporting each other. As a woman, what message would you love to send to all the girls that consider you a role model?

I think that we can find inspiration and support in each other and I try to do that with the people in my life both personally and professionally. My fans inspire me too and I try to return the favor.

How do you see yourself in the next ten years?

These days I try to focus on the moment and staying in the present. I’m not sure where I’ll be in ten years but I’ll continue to work, grow and explore and try to have a wonderful journey along the way!

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