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The Blonde Salad meets… Xenia Adonts

Is your Instagram home invaded by Xenia Adonts pics lately? Don’t be surprised: all the photographers’ eyes are on her when she’s spotted outside a fashion venue or in the front row of a runway show. With more than 1,3 million followers on her Instagram account, she’s one of the IT-Girls that every fashion addicted loves, and not only for her outfits of the day. Did you know that her greatest dream is to make the world a better place? Don’t miss The Blonde Salad interview to Xenia Adonts!


Influencer, model, blogger…you’re so many things Xenia! Is there a word that you prefer to use to define yourself?

I prefer digital talent!


When you were a child, which was your dream job? Is it close to what you’re doing right now?

I wanted to become many things: astronaut, animal doctor, lawyer, and finally, an investment banker. Nothing even close to fashion J


When did you launch your blog and your Instagram account and what did you expect? Would you ever imagine such a great success?

I launched it in 2015 and I never expected to even earn a cent with it. I didn’t know that this was even possible. I was just uploading my daily life without any goal or intention.


Some people know you as Xenia Van Der Woodsen, others as Xenia Overdose, but now you prefer to use your real name Xenia Adonts. Which of all these “Xenias” represent you the most?

I do not feel an identity with Xenia van der Woodsen, which was my alias for quite some time. I chose this name to protect myself and my family when I started posting on Instagram  party pics or fitness photos. I knew that if I wanted to apply for a regular job these photos could be a problem. Also, my dad works in finance and consulting, so I did not want his clients to find me when they searched his last name Adonts on the web. I did not know this could turn into something super professional and now I am proud of doing what I do that’s why I changed my name. It feels better to stay true to yourself.

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Suit up but make it western @etro #mfw

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Are you your own manager? Can you tell us something about your daily work routine? Which are the pros and cons of working all by yourself?

I manage myself so I take care of all my emails, my schedules, my travels, my relationships with brands, negotiations, my styling, organization of fashion weeks. I am currently attending 16 fashion weeks per year! My boyfriend works with me, especially on negotiations, financial stuff such as invoices and taxes and he does the phone calls  as I hate being on the phone (she laughs). Unfortunately, I’m terrible at organization so I am happy I just recently found an executive PA who will make my life much easier (hopefully!)


Three words to describe yourself.

Positive, curious, dedicated.


According to you, which is your greatest virtue and your worst lack?

My greatest virtues are my values in life. I put family and friendships over anything else. I am extremely compassionate. I am also very self-growth obsessed and I will forever work on becoming the best possible version of myself. I want to evolve and change into the best human being I can be and inspire and help others to become their best version of themselves too. My lacks… oh boy where do I start! I am so terrible at time management and always late (very untypical German). I hate this about myself but I seriously have a weird relationship with time.


From your posts and stories you look so genuine and authentic, and in these days it’s not so easy to stay true to yourself. Which is your secret?

Being honest to yourself and your environment is the best kind of therapy you can get. When I am happy I share it but I do the same when I’m upset, too. Talking about things that bother me ,helps so much and it also shows to the others that we all have some kind of battle going on. I am so honest that even my mom, who is the realest and sweetest person I know, just said to me: “Xenia, you are so honest, it’s shocking!” I always speak out loud what I think. I only have good intentions, so I don’t have anything to hide.

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Details 🦉

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Your posts and stories are very inspiring, full of messages of positivity and peacefulness. Are you positive by nature or did you improve this feature growing up?

I think I got a lot from my mom who has always worked on herself in seeing the best in others. I think I have always been kind of positive but I have definitely also worked a lot on my mindset over the past years. I guess it’s called growing up? One thing I am not is self-confident, in fact, I am very insecure and shy. But I accept being that way and like I said, we are all forever work in progress.


Your followers know how much you love reading. Have you ever thought about writing a book? 

Yes of course, I think about it every day. I have so much I want to say and teach others but I also think that there is so much I will still learn so maybe it’s not the right time to write a book yet. I always say: when the student is ready the teacher arrives.


You just moved to Paris. Why did you decide to move there? What do you love about that city?

I have moved to Paris because it’s the fashion capital in Europe when it comes to my favorite high fashion brands. This city inspires me culturally and creatively like no other city in Europe. I think any challenge in life makes us grow, so my biggest so far was moving to a new city!


2018 has been an amazing year for you. What are you going to remember for the rest of your life?

I feel like there was so much that I can’t even pick. For me everything is still so special, even attending a fashion show of a brand that I love or being featured in Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. I am very people-oriented so for me my highlight is and will always be meeting and connecting with people from the industry who become real friends and show acts of kindness and compassion. One of my highlights that has nothing to do with fashion was attending Burning Man for the first time and on my own. Once in a lifetime experience.

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When your sweater wears a sweater

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Can you tell us some spoiler about your 2019?

I don’t even know because with me you never know! I could dye my hair green or adopt 20 jobs and quit fashion or move to India to teach Yoga (she laughs)! I want to know it just as much as you guys!


You’re a fashion icon for the Instagram generation. Which are your favorite brands right now?

Clothing-wise I am obsessed with Maison Margiela, The Row, Loewe and Prada and I am very excited for the new Bottega Veneta. Nothing beats Chanel and Celine accessories.


Which are the hottest trends for 2019?

Chunky sneakers and anything oversized, especially oversized cropped blazers.


Who are your icons?

Definitely Gisele Bündchen after reading her biography Lessons, such a beautiful soul. And obviously my mom!

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Disco disco

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At the latest Couture fashion shows we saw you many times next to our muse Chiara Ferragni… what do you think about her?

I love Chiara. I have always loved her dedication to staying 100% true to herself and never change for anyone. That’s something I admire a lot about her because it’s not easy. There are days when I wonder in what direction I should go, what should I change, what others are doing better than me. I have always admired Chiara but she really got my heart with her New Year review a year ago. It was so personal, vulnerable, real and full of love that I felt like I connected with her on another level. I really feel a special connection with people who show their flaws and vulnerability and put love above anything else because that’s exactly how I feel and see this life. It’s a beautiful ride!


Chiara is a huge supporter of female empowerment and the power of supporting each other. As a woman, what message would you love to send to all the girls that consider you a role model?

Never, ever, let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough to do something. My little sister is 11 years old and I get really upset when I hear that adults tell her she can’t do this or that. I always tell her, if you have a pure heart and good intentions, you can do whatever you want in life and when you truly believe in yourself you will also achieve your goals. The universe has a funny but loyal way of rewarding human beings with big dreams.


Everybody was talking about #10yearschallenge. Let’s play a future challenge: which photo of yourself in 2029 would you like to paste next to your actual portrait? Where would you like to be, both personally and professionally?

That is a great question! My big, big goal is to be mainly involved in charity work for children. I think Natalia Vadianova is doing a great job at this. I know that my purpose in life is to make this world a better place and to share my life attitude with others, through books or speeches, or charity work. Or maybe both, who knows! And of course, I would love to create my own brand.

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