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10 exhibitions you shouldn’t miss in Italy in Fall 2017

Are you art lovers? Or do you just love beauty, and are always looking for inspiration, wherever it comes from? Either way, you just can’t miss these 10 exhibitions around Italy in 2017! 


FERNANDO BOTERO – AMO – Palazzo Forti, Verona, (until April 29, 2018)
The artist chose Verona to wrap up the celebrations for his 85th birthday — and for his 50th year as a painter! — with an exhibition that showcases his largest works. Gigantic bodies, bright colors and a South American vibe will permeate everything at this great party. So, what are you waiting for? Join the party and say happy birthday!


VAN GOGH – Tra il grano e il cielo. Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza (Until April 8, 2018)
This exhibition will take you on a journey into Van Gogh’s soul, thanks to his art, of course, and to some of the heartbreaking letters that the artist used to send to his brother Theo, which are very helpful for the viewer to understand Van Gogh’s painful life. You will be surrounded by 43 paintings and 86 drawings that cover all phases of Van Gogh’s life, from the Belgian Autumn of 1880 to the somber landscapes of Nuenen. This exhibition will allow you to touch the artist’s feelings of despair, and to better understand and experience his art and his feelings.


MIRO’! SOGNO E COLORE – Palazzo Chiablese, Torino (until January 18, 2018)
The exhibition collects over 130 works from the latest period of Mirò’s artistic life, when, after having his work majorly recognized in Spain, he decided to dedicate his time to large sculptures and quadridimensional painting. This exhibition is all about splashes of color, geometric lines and surreal figures, and you will be able to admire it all in Turin until January 18.


CHAGALL – Sogno di una notte d’estate. Museo della Permanente, Milano (until January 28, 2018)
This might be one of the most peculiar exhibitions you will ever see; it’s all about showcasing a new, emotionally engaging and moving concept of art. Painting and music blend together here, surrounding the viewer from every side, transporting him or her into the dream world of the artist. This will be an excellent chance to experience something new, surrounded by art featuring the themes that mattered to Chagall: love, family, landscapes and music.

HENRY TOULOUSE-LAUTREC – Il mondo fuggevole. Palazzo Reale, Milano ( until February 18, 2018)
This bohemian exhibition showcases over 250 works of this poet of the poorer areas of Paris, portraying the nightlife and the low-lives of the city. Toulouse-Lautrec might be considered the forefather of a kind of strong, provocative realism: warm colors were essential for him to express himself, almost as a way to infuse warmth and familiarity into scenes that would otherwise look bleak and distant. Don’t miss this exhibition if you want to have a peek into the fascinating world of turn-of-century Paris.

DENTRO CARAVAGGIO – Palazzo Reale, Milano (until January 28 2018)
Once again, Milan is paying homage to the king of light, with an exhibition that gathers 20 of Caravaggio’s major works from the world’s most important museums, a show that aims at entertaining the viewer also by using X-rays that show the evolution of many paintings from the inside, from the initial sketches to the finished work. This is definitely an unusual exhibition, and Caravaggio fans won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure!


MAGRITTE, DALÌ E DUCHAMP – I rivoluzionari del ‘900. Palazzo Albergati, Bologna (Until February 11, 2018)
This exhibition gathers the work of three painters who revolutionized 20th century art, and who were at the avantgarde of artistic techniques and were representative of innovative political ideas. Magritte, Dalì and Duchamp put their feelings of rebellion and their longing for independence on canvas: this show will transport you into a historical time whose heritage we see to this day, and that brought a lot of change with it.


HANS HARTUNG – Polittici. Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Perugia (Until January 7 2018)
With this exhibition, the city of Perugia wants to celebrate Hartung’s special relationship with Italy: Venice, Florence and Sicily are the main characters in Hartung’s polyptiques series, a collection of canvases of different sizes, that form one large work when looked at all together. Let Hartung’s work draw you in, and draw inspiration from the artist’s use of peculiar techniques — he even included a broom tree branch, dipped into black paint, into his work… Art really has no limits!


MONET – Capolavori dal Musée Marmottan di Parigi. Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome (Until February 11, 2018)
One of the fathers of Impressionism, en plein air painting was a lifestyle for Monet, who managed to transfer the essence and the light of what he observed onto canvas. The exhibition showcases 60 works that the artist kept in his beloved house in Giverny — the works were donated by Monet’s son to this Parisian museum after Monet died, and they show Monet’s artistic evolution, from Monet’s mid-19th century caricatures to the urban landscapes of London and Paris, from his children’s portraits to his iconic Nymphs. An excellent excuse to spend a few days in the eternal city!

PICASSO. Tra Cubismo e Classicismo: 1915-1925. Le Scuderie del Quirinale, Roma (until January 21, 2018)
Rome is commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War 1. During this time, Picasso was already heading the Cubist revolution, with works that showed a great variety of genres and painting styles.

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