3 super popular wellness trends for 2017
When it comes to trends, we are always at the forefront. We never miss anything, no matter whether it’s about […]
TBS Wellness: there is an acrobat within all of us a.k.a. the day we tried Acrovibes
Our first reaction when we saw Paolo and Alessandra practice Acrovibes in their promo video¬†set in Milan was: wow, wonderful! […]
5 apps to try meditation at home
The end of the year is getting closer and closer. It’s always a peculiar time of the year, during which […]
TBS Wellness: have you ever tried the Yoga Wall? We did!
Have you ever hung upside down along a wall, with a sort of harness behind your back as your only […]
I met Gigi Hadid and she reminded me to believe in myself
Feeling wrong is a pretty odd feeling. Sometimes that feeling is just there for no reason, other times it’s a […]
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