Wellness - January 16, 2017

TBS Wellness: there is an acrobat within all of us a.k.a. the day we tried Acrovibes

Our first reaction when we saw Paolo and Alessandra practice Acrovibes in their promo video set in Milan was: wow, wonderful! We want to try that too! The second reaction right after that was, OMG, we will never manage! Acrovibes doesn’t seem simple at all at first, it actually looks like something way closer to circus arts than a wellness activity. Circus, it turns out, has nothing to do with it, but this discipline’s story is definitely rather acrobatic.

Alessandra and Paolo have been friends since they were kids, they were kindergarten friends, to be precise. Their friendship was a winding road, bringing them together and separating them again many times over the years, but sports was always something they had in common. Alessandra’s passion was unconventional, to say the least, since she loved pole dancing, while Paolo was a boxer for 15 years, before becoming a personal trainer and an instructor for several activities, among which acroyoga. About a year ago, the two started training together, uniting their favorite elements of the activities they enjoyed, which included acroyoga, acrogym and callisthenics, with a touch of verticalism thrown in: as they trained, they started taking some photos for their respective Instagram accounts.

Friends and followers immediately showed interest: enthusiasm and passion spread like wildfire, and soon Paolo and Alessandra were overwhelmed by trial class requests! That’s how they decided to launch themselves into this adventure, they had a logo designed, opened an Instagram profile and took care of communication as well as of the actual activity. At that point, all they missed was one thing, and that was a location where they could practice! Athletic Élite were the first to respond, providing their newly inaugurated Training House in Via Legnano 8, in Milan. Their Training House is a location in which athletes and amateurs can put themselves to the test, alone or with friends, choosing between the assistance of a personal trainer or of a team of wellness experts, if an all-round, holistic training is needed.

When we decided to test Acrovibes, we met up at the Training House, to spend an hour and a half full of laughter, many trials, and a few little moments of success. Every Acrovibes class begins with a warm-up, which is essential in activating your muscles and joints, preparing them for the most fun part, which is looking for performance! Needless to say, we were all anticipating that part very much: to get ready for it, our group split into pairs, and we started applying the knowledge we had gained during the first part of the class, watching Alessandra and Paolo. This part taught us something that could also be used as this activity’s true motto: it seems impossible, until you actually get it done. Only a few minutes were enough to make us realize we were not actually that impaired, even if it was our very first class! You want proof? Well, we have it, look at the gallery!

Between a handstand and a fall, we learned that with consistency and training, we could really become pros! The summer version of Acrovibes will be the next level, practicing on water, on a stand-up paddle board… When we manage that, impossible will be nothing, for TBS Wellness!

All photos were taken using a Canon Powershot G9X.

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